Sexy Lady Orgasmic gel for women (50g)


Sexy lady gel for sensational sex

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Sexy Lady a inexpensive lubricant alternative for Ladies. Blended with high quality ingredients, which, when used with the suggested massage technique, ensures a more exciting sexual experience!  The revolutionary formulation makes it possible to reach orgasm more systematically. 

Sexy Lady is a natural, safe, non-irritating home-grown gel that has been formulated to help women who have difficulty in achieving orgasm. Makes up for natural secretions and restore moisture to the vagina.



Apply the amount of one pump of Sexy Lady gel the finger tip, then touch to the clitoris and massage in thoroughly with gentle strokes.

Reaply as needed.

The tingling sensation upon contact will vary from person to person.

Excite gel is a clear formulation and is condom compatible.


Made from all natural ingredients:

  • Water
  • Glycerol
  • Vitamen E
  • Flower extracts