Realistic flame simulating LED bulb




Our realistic-looking flame bulb beats all the others on the market. Best quality and best effect. Our bulb has 105 LED’s. Others on the market only have 90. The flame bulb produces a vivid, flame effect, simulating a real flame, but of course it is not. In fact, it remains completely cool to the touch while switched on.
Forget about stinky paraffin or oil lanterns. Let this beautiful, energy-saving flame light turn your world into a magical wonderland. Bring a “warm” and cozy feeling to your garden, patio, or give that fun touch in the children’s rooms. Once you’ve seen the bulb, you will want them use them everywhere. Since they imitate candles, you can replace all your candles. So there is no longer a risk of open flames. Put them in a pumpkin, and you have a flameless Halloween. Maybe it is time to upgrade your old Christmas lights for a to a few flame bulbs, for a new festive feeling.

The bulb has three modes:

– Mode 1 – Non-Flaming
– Mode 2 – Soft Candle Flame
– Mode 3 – Rapid Fire Flame

To reset the lamp, switch simply switch it off, wait 3 seconds and switch back on.


– ONLY 5 watts
– 400 lumens
– 1500k colour warm white
– 270 degree light angle
– 25 000 hour life span
– E27 screw fitting
– Size: 62 mm X 140 mm

What’s in the box
1 x Flame bulb