Playtime Pleasure Pack


A fun duo-pack for Him and Her! Playtime Pleasure Pack contains Warrior, Pink Pill and 5ml Lube in a neat little box that is easy enough to pop into your pocket or handbag, and make sure that you’re both ready for some frivolous fun whenever the mood strikes.


  • 2 Warrior Capsules
  • 2 Pink Pill Capsules
  • 5ml sachet Tingle Me Lubricant

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Warrior is a herbal sexual enhancer for men, formulated to boost your performance and supercharge your sexual libido. – Increased erection power – Prolonged performance – Increased libido – 100% natural ingredients.

  • Increase Erection Power
  • Prolongs Performance
  • Increase Your Libido
Fructus Alpiniae, Dioscorea Opposita, Chinese Yam, Fox Nut, Jobs Tears, Lillium Browni, Licorice root, Wolfberry Fruit.

Simply take 1 to 2 capsules one hour before activity to take your sex life to a new level. 

 The Pink Pill is specifically designed for women and is formulated to provide a number of positive results including:

• Increased Desire / Libido

The Pink Pill offers dramatic enhancement in receptivity and “readiness” in areas of sexual stimulation. The Pink Pill is formulated to waken and strengthen a woman’s sexual yearning and libido.

• Enhanced Sensitivity & Natural Lubrication

The Pink Pill’s unique formula encourages a more lubricated, receptive and sensitive
vagina and clitoris, which intensifies pleasure for both partners. This will allow you to experience a state of intense pleasure unknown to you!

• Improved Energy Levels&Improves excitement levels during foreplay

The Pink Pill will help relieve stress and fatigue, focusing on increasing energy and excitement levels from foreplay till climax!

• Strengthens orgasm and increases possibility of multiple climax

The Pink Pill effects on the quality of your climax are truly extraordinary. Intense, deep, passionate, “earth shattering” are a few of the words women have often used to describe The Pink Pill’s outcome! In addition, multiple orgasms are achieved at a higher rate.